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In the ongoing dialogue surrounding educational inequity, the voice of the students often remains overlooked. Despite efforts to engage all stakeholders, the perspectives of those directly affected—the students—are frequently sidelined. Recognizing that students are not just passive recipients but architects of the future is crucial. Their voices hold profound insights essential for crafting applicable solutions to education problems, making student agency urgent. Prioritizing student expression and participation in shaping their learning environments empowers them to directly identify where and how the system fails them.

Teach For Pakistan addresses this by integrating student agency and leadership in the classroom. Developing student voices and understanding of equity is essential, and Teach For Pakistan fosters these discussions within each lesson. Our recently published booklet, On the Flip Side, encapsulates student voices, translating complex international development jargon into lived experiences. This effort, involving 20 public schools, Teach For Pakistan Fellows, and over 1000 students, highlights five core themes: Leadership, Centrality of Education, Educational Inequity, Community Engagement, and Vision for Student Success. To encourage these important conversations in classrooms across Pakistan, along with the booklet, we are sharing open-source lesson plans. Explore on.

We welcome educators everywhere to use these Lesson Plans to initiate transformational conversations with all students.