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Why We Exist

Pakistan’s education system denies our children the opportunities they deserve

million Pakistani children are
out of school
40 %
of all fifth graders cannot read a story in any language
95 %
of those enrolled attend
struggling schools

Listen to our CEO, Khadija Bakhtiar, talk about educational inequity in Pakistan, and the collective leadership required to end it.

The scale of the problem is so huge and the causes so complex that no single organization or individual alone can address them. Ending educational inequity requires fixing lots of problems across the education system, as well as the social, economic and political systems that influence education. So, instead of building a school, a teacher training institute, or an advocacy platform, Teach For Pakistan is building a movement of leaders who work from all fields and develop diverse solutions to our education crisis. 

Teach For Pakistan leverages promising young talent to create a multiplier effect on the education system.

We find people with leadership potential and prepare them to build an education movement – starting with students, schools and communities, and growing to engage people and institutions across the social and economic systems.