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Our Approach

We recruit and train top graduates and young professionals from all fields for a two-year Fellowship during which they teach in under-served areas that lack quality teaching. Fellows work in partnership with schools and communities to improve students’ learning outcomes and broaden their life opportunities.

After completing the Fellowship, our Alumni use their experiences to tackle Pakistan’s most pressing problems in education, such as rewriting textbooks and curricula, testing innovations, furthering research, training teachers and creating model schools.

The Program


and expand enduring partnerships with a broad set of stakeholders by collaborating with public, low-fee private and NGO schools in underserved communities.


Annual cohorts of exceptional graduates and young professionals to a two-year Fellowship teaching full-time in partner schools mainly aimed at developing leadership among students, enhancing the quality of education and bridging the learning gaps


Fellows into creative, capable teachers who strive to improve learning-oriented school culture, and work with communities to overcome local barriers to education


Learnings as Fellows to carve a new life path as agents of equity, innovation and excellence in education


Alumni to raise awareness and foster collective action to change policy and curriculum, mobilize resources and act as torchbearers of systemic change in Pakistan

The Fellowship

A two-year program for exceptional young people to teach in challenging schools and develop the leadership skills for education reform. Fellows receive a living stipend enabling them to commit to the program full-time.

A 6-month recruitment drive to encourage to candidates to apply to the Fellowship
A 3-stage selection process
6-week pre-placement training
Selected Fellows placed in a partner school

Fellows act and learn in three connected domains


Fellows broaden their students’ concept of life opportunities: accelerating academic and emotional growth, building 21st century skills, exposing them to role-models, books and ideas


Fellows understand and disrupt the culture of learning, supporting the development of other teachers and helping the management evolve approaches to learning, teacher oversight and parental involvement


Fellows engage with parents and community members to understand the local barriers to education and design action projects to address these challenges

Our Values

Personal commitment to the mission

We draw purpose from situating ourselves within the inequitable systems we are trying to change


Nothing short of our very best efforts is acceptable


Our movement needs every voice, and we work to amplify voices that are often on the margins of power and decision making


Everyone has the potential to grow, and we share responsibility for enabling that growth


We align our actions with our commitments, especially when it is difficult

Collective Responsibility

We share ownership over the organization’s successes, failures and learnings