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Nassir Kasuri

Chair, Board of Directors

Khadija S.Bakhtiar

Chief Executive Officer

Letter from the Board Chair & CEO

We at Teach For Pakistan firmly believe in our country’s potential, especially its youth, whose immense talent and boundless energy are engines to lead us toward an equitable and happy future.

A predominantly young population exceeding 230 million can produce truly limitless geo-economic dividends, only if we can harness and hone Pakistan’s human resources to make it globally competitive in an era marked by a knowledge economy. Investing in the potential of our youth to end educational inequity can ensure that all our children grow into Loving, Thinking, and Engaged nation builders.

This report marks 10 years of the Teach For Pakistan movement, five since its second avatar as an independent, national nonprofit organization registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984. As a leadership development program, we recruit graduates from Pakistan’s top universities, and young professionals, and train them to lead change in classrooms, schools and communities before placing them in public schools in underserved communities to teach for two years. Through our partnership with the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and the Federal Directorate of Education, Teach For Pakistan’s outreach has grown to 27% of public schools on the underserved margins of our nation’s capital.

On average, students in Teach For Pakistan classrooms gain 4.4 years in academic achievement during the two years they are taught by our Fellows. Upon graduation, Fellows pursue myriad professions or enroll in higher studies, over 75% making their careers in education or in service of marginalized populations, employing the leadership skills and grassroots experience gained during the Fellowship. The goal for them is to envisage and implement in partnership with all stakeholders, critical reforms for systemic change. With 163 current Fellows, a 215-strong Alumni community, and over 24,000 students taught across 107 schools, we are ready to expand our movement to Sindh, beginning from Karachi this year.

Teach For Pakistan takes great pride in contributing to the evidence-based expansion of development discourse and policy dialogue in Pakistan and globally through the Teach For All movement. Data gathering and analysis help our government and donor partners adopt outstanding program features like teacher recruitment, training, classroom practices, and whole child development for scaling up. We are delighted to see key elements of the Teach For Pakistan approach reflected in government interventions such as Teach For Change in Sindh, and the Tech Fellows and Education Fellows projects in Gilgit-Baltistan.

We thank you – our friends, supporters and well-wishers – for your partnership in shaping this movement, and look forward to another year of teaching for pride, for progress, for Pakistan.

The exposure and experience that the Fellowship provides is unique. Teach For Pakistan asks young people to step out of their comfort zones and to see the world from a very different perspective. Fellows are irrevocably changed by the experience and carry the new reality with them for the rest of their lives, whatever they might choose to do later. They, inevitably, leave a similar impact on the students they teach. What more could one ask for, as a young person, wanting to make an impact.

Dr. Faisal Bari

Advisor to the Board

Highlights From The Year

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The pressing problems within the education system will not be solved by one person, but a group of leaders working together from within all parts of the system towards the same vision.

The answer to solving the nation’s problems lies within our people.

Invest in People
Invest in Pakistan

Nassir Kasuri

Chair, Board of Directors