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Impact on Students

Our vision is for our children to grow into thinkers, scholars, artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs – builders of a new Pakistan.

To achieve this, Fellows teach to develop students’ emotional and intellectual capacity, as well as their ability to act on their learning, solving real-life challenges.

Academic Growth

The average student in a Teach For Pakistan classroom experiences

4.4 years of growth

in two years

Access to Future Pathways

Throughout the two years of the Fellowship, Fellows not only work on academic outcomes of their students but also actively work on creating pathways for students e.g., opportunities for further studies/scholarships, access to technology, exposure to careers etc.


Fellows also work on achieving non-cognitive outcomes for the students impacting their mindsets, values etc. e.g. grit, compassion, independent learning.

Social and Political Consciousness

We want our students to be aware of the world around them! Fellows work on impacting students’ awareness and involvement in matters affecting their communities and society at large

On the World Children’s Day 2021, our students shared about the world they want to live in. Here are some of the responses:

Umaima Raza, Student speaker at Alumni Induction Ceremony of 2019 cohort, shares about her experience in a Teach For Pakistan classroom.

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