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Literacy Development Programmes

From Digital Literacy to Financial Literacy and English and Numerical competence, help our Fellows in bridging the divide!

Digital Literacy Program

 Javeria Idrees, Afia Irfan

These students have been disproportionately affected in times of unprecedented distress, such as the COVID-19 lockdowns. During these periods, students could not attend school and were cut off from education because they didn't have the required knowledge and skills needed to use digital tools to allow for the continuation of their learning.


To prevent disruption of their studies in future, Afia and Javeria have launched a ‘Digital Literacy Program’. Under this, they wish to help this community embrace digital learning by conducting a series of trainings for students on adoption of in-demand digital skills as well training of teachers to routinely employ EdTech solutions in order to accelerate learning in their classrooms. 


Help equip Afia and Javeria’s students with the skills needed to thrive in today’s world!


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English Language Acquisition and Numeracy Development Program


Ayesha Sheikh, Mahnur Kanwar


Ayesha and Mahnur’s students are confident, curious and quick learners but due to a large achievement gap, they are years behind their grade level. To supplement their academic growth and to solidify their foundational learning, there is a need for a program that will build lifelong literacy and numeracy skills. 


The Fellows have decided to partner with the parents of the students, involving them in an eight-week long English Language Acquisition and Numeracy Development Program (ELA&ND). Through this, they aim to remediate the learning of their students, bringing them up to par with their own grade level. They also aim to equip parents with digital and evaluation tools for homework checking and monitoring, so that they too can be active agents in their daughters’ education. 


Your contributions can help Ayesha and Mahnur’s students achieve their long-term academic goals, while empowering their parents to take an active role in the learning process.


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Tehreer (تحریر)

Ushna Fawad, Syeda Ansa


Ushna and Ansa’s students are bright students brimming with new, creative ideas. Although years behind their grade level, when given the platform to express themselves, they always take up the space to bring their best stories forward. One year into this, they are now writing their own stories and narratives.

To let their creativity flourish, the Fellows are introducing a bi-yearly school magazine that is written for and by the students. The aim is that when students begin to write their own pieces in English language, assisted through Essay Competitions, Writing Workshops and Digital Literacy Workshops - the use of the language would seem more attainable for them and their fellows. English would no longer be the language that they’re hesitant to use but a language that helps them express themselves.

Your donations will help Ushna and Ansa’s students to have a formal platform for unleashing their creativity, all the while working towards bridging their literacy gap.


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Help Ushna and Ansa empower their students so they can become the authors of their stories!


Aaghaz - Financial Literacy Initiative

Sheeba Sadiq


Sheeba Sadiq’s ninth and tenth graders are dedicated to their studies and creative in their abilities but they are unable to pursue higher education and instead, drop out due to financial constraints. Faced with this challenge, Sheeba has embarked on a quest to overcome this barrier by making her students financially self-sufficient so that they can easily pursue their dreams.


For her students to start their journeys of gaining financial independence, she has launched a project in her school called ‘Aaghaz’. She aims to teach her students freelancing skills that will allow them to earn an income while studying. To train her students on content writing, graphic designing, video editing and blogging, she is hoping to procure gadgets and electronic devices - phone, tablets, laptops, WiFi devices. 


Your contributions will help Sheeba’s talented students carve out an alternate reality for themselves, one in which they are able to become doctors, engineers, scientists, artists and lawyers without being held back due to financial constraints.


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Help Sheeba empower her students with the skills needed to thrive in the twenty-first century!