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Full Circle: Teach For Pakistan returns to Karachi

In 2011, the story of Teach For Pakistan began in the heart of Sindh province’s capital, Karachi, where the seeds of this movement were first sown. The initial pilot cycles, spanning from 2011 to 2015, set the stage for an extraordinary journey. Over 100 Fellows ventured into 40 government, low-cost private, and non-profit schools across Karachi, inspiring more than 5,000 students. Their efforts resonated far beyond the classroom, reaching over 20,000 community members through engaging parental initiatives and community partnership projects.

The TFP Fellows, graduates of the best public and private universities like LUMS, GIKI, IBA, NUST, and Karachi University, have since then become change-makers, actively reshaping the future of education in Pakistan. Their success stories echo the transformative power of Teach For Pakistan’s model, both for students and teachers alike.

In 2018, Teach For Pakistan embarked on a new chapter, becoming an independent Section 42 non-profit company headquartered in Islamabad. Since then, the organization has been on a relentless mission, working with the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training and the Federal Directorate of Education. Today, with over 160 Fellows placed in 60 schools in Islamabad’s underserved rural sectors, the ‘quality education for all’ movement impacts a 10,000-strong student body.

With 215 dynamic Alumni shaping curricula, influencing policy, enhancing schools, and innovating through cutting-edge ed-tech, Teach For Pakistan is poised for an exciting homecoming. Armed with a decade’s worth of grassroots experience and invaluable systemic insights, the organization is returning to Karachi in 2024, ready to reignite the movement that started it all.

In the 2024 Fellowship cycle, we are recruiting Fellows in both Islamabad and Karachi. We are looking forward to returning to Karachi’s classrooms in underserved communities and working with the next generation of leaders to build a safe, joy-filled and equitable Pakistan.

In strategic partnership with the School Education and Literacy Department, Sindh, Teach For Pakistan is primed to make an even greater impact in high-need public schools.

We are super thrilled as Teach For Pakistan’s journey comes full circle.

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