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Awareness Campaigns

Help our Fellows in dismantling the taboo around menstruation and ensure safe, comfortable education for their students.

Developing Awareness on Menstruation

Nishat Maryam, Meerab Din

Nishat and Meerab, teaching English and Biology to secondary grades in their school, found that the girls in their classes are strong, confident and resilient. They are destined towards becoming future leaders in a society that is heavily male-dominated but, hindering their journey towards self-confidence is the topic of menstruation. 1 out of every 2 female students skip school as they aren’t able to manage periods in a healthy way. 

To empower their girls into becoming strong independent women, Nishat and Meerab have initiated a menstrual hygiene awareness campaign at their school. This campaign will include sessions with a gynecologist for students, their mothers and the teachers. The sessions will revolve around managing a period in a healthy way, sensitivity regarding menstruation, health issues, and deconstructing the taboo around the topic. They also plan on distributing menstrual hygiene kits that will include material to assemble pads at home, underwear and sanitization products.

Your contributions will not only help Nishat and Meerab’s students in pursuing their education in a comfortable way but will also dismantle the taboo around menstruation.

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Help keep these girls secure a safe future, free of fear, for themselves and their community!